Feedback Rocket - Integration GuidesDirect integration with the Feedback Rocket API

You’re not obliged to use the Feedback Rocket widget to collect feedback. In fact you’re welcome to integrate directly with the API instead and build your own frontend components or integrate from non-web environments where the widget isn’t suitable.

Quick start

The Feedback Rocket API is incredibly simple. The code snippet below demonstrates a custom integration using JavaScript and the fetch API:

// if in a browser, you can get the current URL from window.location.href
const url = ''
// Find your own ID at
const FEEDBACK_ROCKET_ID = 'your-id-here'

const response = await fetch(apiUrl, {
  method: 'POST',
  headers: {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    Origin: url,
    'User-Agent': 'My Custom User Agent'
  body: JSON.stringify({
    text: 'Feedback content here',
    from: '',
    url: url,

console.log(response.status, response.ok)

If the request was successful, you will always receive a 200 OK status code in response.

Any other status code will return a JSON payload containing an error property which will repeat the status code, and a message indicating the nature of the failure. These messages will not contain sensitive data, but they are intended for developer consumption and not end users.

Required fields

  • text - the user’s feedback
  • id - your Feedback Rocket ID
  • url - the URL the user was on when they submitted this feedback

Optional fields

  • from - the user’s email address

Required headers

  • Content-Type - must be `application/json`
  • Origin - should match the provided url
  • User-Agent - if not in a web environment, you may set this to whatever you wish

Response codes

  • 400 (Bad Request) - there’s something wrong with your payload which needs fixing
  • 403 (Forbidden) - the Origin provided is not allowed by your Security settings
  • 500 (Internal Server Error) - something is wrong on our end and we’ll try and fix it ASAP!

Case studies

If you’d like to see your own custom integration showcased here, please get in touch!

  • - a desktop application which allows management of unlimited Supabase users across unlimited Supabase projects
  • - a desktop application which replaces multiple terminal windows with one neat and tidy management interface