Rocket fast feedback for your website.

Collect website visitor feedback with a single line of code. Sign up for a free account, include our JavaScript snippet on your website and associate it with link or button on each page. Lift off!

Watch the two-minute end-to-end video, or try the widget yourself:

Seconds to integrate, minutes to launch.

Set up your inbox, configure your widget and tweak notification and security settings

Collecting visitor feedback isn’t rocket science…

…but we’ve perfected it so you don’t have to.


Optional email notifications when receiving feedback

Whether or not you want to be notified by email when someone submits feedback is up to you, with more notification options like Slack and Jira coming soon


Configure which domains can send you feedback

Flexible during development but secure in production. An allow list of origin domains prevents other people mis-using your API key.


2.6kB of client-side JavaScript served from the edge, close to your visitors

Speed is of the essence—it’s in our name and it’s in our DNA to be fast. Fast for you and fast for your customers, with no compromise on security.

Straightforward pricing

Start for free, with no credit card required and no feature restrictions—just a limit on how much feedback you can see before you need to upgrade.

Take advantage of special launch pricing until the end of June 2023.

Single Site


Best for smaller projects with a single live website

  • For use on one website
  • 3,000 submissions/mo
  • Email notifications
  • Themeable
  • 48-hour support response time
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Multi Site


Best for businesses with multiple websites or high feedback volume

  • For use on up to ten websites
  • 30,000 submissions/mo
  • Email notifications
  • Themeable
  • Priority support - usually same-day
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Open Source

Feedback Rocket wouldn’t exist without open source, so we’re proud to offer free licenses for open source projects 🚀. Sign up for a free account and contact us with the details of the project you’d like to use it on and we’ll upgrade you to the Open Source plan.

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Configured your way

Customise the appearance of your feedback dialog with light & dark themes, configurable prompt text, capture reply-to details—with more configuration options coming soon.

Frequently asked questions

    • What kind of use cases is Feedback Rocket suitable for?

      Some great examples are taking feedback on documentation pages, replacing a typical 'contact us' page, or providing a quick way for customers to get help.

    • Is Feedback Rocket free?

      You can try the service out for free and receive a limited amount of feedback while you do, after which we ask you to subscribe to one of our paid plans.

    • Is Feedback Rocket only for use on static websites?

      Not at all! We just think they’re a great fit since by definition they don’t come with a handy database, email delivery service, or other components you need to take visitor feedback.

    • What will you use my email address for?

      If you opt-in to delivery notifications, we’ll email you when you receive new feedback. That’s it.

    • Can I use Feedback Rocket with React?

      Absolutely. We don’t yet offer a first-class React component, but you can embed the JavaScript code as normal and it will work perfectly.

    • What about my favourite Static Site Generator (SSG)?

      Yep! Feedback Rocket is completely agnostic to the underlying technology powering your website.

    • Why should I pay for such a simple service when I can build it myself?

      If you’ve got the means to set up a database, an API, a cross-browser compatible feedback widget and reliable email delivery, we’re not here to stand in your way! Feedback Rocket is for people who don’t, or would rather spend their time elsewhere.

    • Can I cancel my plan if I change my mind?

      Yes, absolutely.

    • How do I apply for an open source license?

      Please sign up for a free account and then get in touch with details of your open source project. We will manually set you up with a free license once approved.

    • How can I stop someone else using my API key on their website?

      Once happy with your integration you can set up an allow list of domains which will restrict where feedback can be sent from.

    • Will adding more JavaScript slow my site down for visitors?

      It shouldn’t do! Our SDK is a tiny 2.6kB, can be downloaded asynchronously and is served from edge locations all over the world, close to your website visitors.

    • What happenes if I exceed the quoted submissions/mo permitted by my plan?

      These limits are guardrails so we can provide a consistent quality of service to all customers. We will contact you if you approach or exceed them but we will not cut off your service.

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Free accounts get all the same features as paid plans but with a limit on how much feedback is shown in your inbox. Upgrade whenever you’re ready, cancel whenever you want.

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